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About O. B. A.

The story of Olena Baca, her art, and the future of both.

About Olena Baca (from the artist)

Years ago I earned a professional fine art degree, worked in an art studio with adults, and taught at a children’s art school with children of all ages in Eastern Europe. In the mid-2000s I left my career, home, culture, and everything I knew to move to America with my family.

Since coming to the United States I’ve focused on taking on challenging commissioned paintings, finding my own style, and exploring different techniques while building up a portfolio containing two decades of my work.

In 2010 I started up my own art business online through Etsy and initially concentrated on maintaining an online marketplace presence. During the pandemic, I moved to Washington state to be closer to family, and I am now switching my focus to reaching a more local audience, participating in nearby shows and festivals, and interacting with the Puget Sound art community as a whole. This new direction is the start of a new, exciting chapter in both my life and career, and I look forward to the many changes, opportunities, and relationships it will bring.

About Olena Baca’s Art

Olena Baca enjoys painting with watercolors, pastels, acrylic paints, gouache, oils, and mixed medias. She experiments with different techniques and tools, like using new and unexpected objects to develop unique textures for her artworks.

Over the last 13 years, Olena Baca has perfected her craft and has earned 200+ 5-star reviews for her drawings and paintings (explore some of the reviews here), showing a consistent history of quality work and happy clients.

About O.B.A.’s Future

I will continue painting the gorgeous nature found in all the different states I’ve traveled to so far and am going to travel to in the future. I will continue painting commissioned portraits and plan to write and illustrate a series of children’s books in the coming years.

Finally, I plan to create wearable art which incorporates leather, yarn, felt, and beads, and participate in local markets and festivals through which I can share these new creations with others.